Romney/Ryan 2012

Posted on: August 15, 2012

The past 4 years of the Obama administration has been frightening to say the least.  We have watched as the President has pitted Americans against each other, the economy is in the tank, food and gas prices are soaring, housing numbers are dismal and hope and change never happened.  We have a clear choice in November….either you want a socialist society where wealth is redistributed or you want what our founding fathers intended; an America where freedom is foremost and the government stays out of the way. 

I live in Florida where seniors live in record numbers.  I rarely talk to a senior who isn’t frustrated with this President.  Some life long Democrats are sorry they voted for him stating “this isn’t the Democratic party that I have known”.  It’s time to get back to the Reagan era of politics. We need civility and respect instead of Chicago style hate and fear mongering. 


It’s going to be a long three months until the election.  Pay attention to those debates and the few legitimate news organizations that actually give you the facts and truths you need to make the decision of who you will vote for.  You know who they are.

We are Americans and we are a strong and proud people.  If you make the right choice, stronger and happier days are ahead for our great country!



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