horrorIt is with horror that I watch the Code Pink warriors running around in vagina costumes.  Is this the only identity women have in the 21st century?  Women have evolved into so much more.  We are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, businesswomen, politicians, doctors, lawyers, nurses and you can add so much more to that.  Code Pink thinks that birth control and abortions are the only things we should be worrying about.  How about worrying as to whether or not you are going to get laid off from your job?  How about worrying if you can feed your family?  How about worrying about the future of the next generation?  But no, we have to have our eyes assaulted by vagina costumes as these clowns parade around the streets of Tampa.  My eyes are bleeding.  Women’s issues are important, but raising our daughters to become smart, educated and responsible adults is the most important job of any woman. 

Abortion is a touchy subject.  I was not able to have children due to medical issues.   My choice is this…I would never abort a baby.  Who speaks for those children?  If you have an abortion, you live with that decision for the rest of your life and don’t try to tell me it won’t haunt you every day of the your life.  Would it have been a boy or girl?  What would that child have looked like?  Who would they have become?    Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for abortions, period.  Ask those fabulously rich Hollywood stars, and rich liberals to help you out.  They have no problem pouring millions in the campaigns for crooked politicians. 

We are ready to move to a better and brighter future with a new President.  Embrace the message, you’ll be happier as a woman and as an American!


Last night I watched Ann Romney give her speech at the Republican National Convention. It was a beautiful speech and spoke to the heart of what American women really want in a leader.  She talked about her husband and gave us a picture of a loyal, caring, generous and loving man.  He has committed himself 100% to his wife, family and any job he has ever had.  He loves this country and is worried about it’s future.  This is the kind of leader we need.

After the speech I listened to the pundits discussing her speech and was stunned to hear Juan Williams at Fox News dismiss her as a typical “corporate wife”.  How insulting!  She has raised 5 sons, been the First Lady of Massachusetts and helped her husband through every campaign.  Why is that a bad thing in this country?  Staying home and raising 5 beautiful successful children is not work?  I hear women all the time mocking her for her decision to be a stay-at-home mom and wife.  Women are turning into their own worst enemies. 

I look forward to her being our First Lady and I’m sure she has always been proud of her country


The past 4 years of the Obama administration has been frightening to say the least.  We have watched as the President has pitted Americans against each other, the economy is in the tank, food and gas prices are soaring, housing numbers are dismal and hope and change never happened.  We have a clear choice in November….either you want a socialist society where wealth is redistributed or you want what our founding fathers intended; an America where freedom is foremost and the government stays out of the way. 

I live in Florida where seniors live in record numbers.  I rarely talk to a senior who isn’t frustrated with this President.  Some life long Democrats are sorry they voted for him stating “this isn’t the Democratic party that I have known”.  It’s time to get back to the Reagan era of politics. We need civility and respect instead of Chicago style hate and fear mongering. 


It’s going to be a long three months until the election.  Pay attention to those debates and the few legitimate news organizations that actually give you the facts and truths you need to make the decision of who you will vote for.  You know who they are.

We are Americans and we are a strong and proud people.  If you make the right choice, stronger and happier days are ahead for our great country!


Tomorrow is my birthday.  So many whine and lament that they are another year older.  I always celebrate!  I made it to another year!  I’m still healthy!  I have a wonderful husband and family!  Life could not be better.   So people enjoy every birthday.   Looking down at the grass is better than looking up!  My husband is taking me to Sarasota and Lido Key for a few days.  That makes me very happy!


Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!



I am a proud Aunt to six nieces and nephews.  Nothing gives me more joy than to spend time with them.  Not having had children of my own, it makes me more determined to be in their lives and to be a positive role model.

My oldest niece is starting college next month.  I spent the day with her one day this past week lunching and shopping.  She is a delightful young lady and is open and loving.  Her parents raised her well.  She told me all about her life and her feelings about her future.  It was so refreshing to be with her.  Because of the work I do, I am mostly around seniors.  Being with my niece helps bring me back to a youthful look at life.

Do your best to spend time with the youngsters in your life.  It means a lot to them and also keeps you connected with the younger generation.  All we ever hear on the news is about the “bad ones”.  There are many more “good ones” but we don’t hear much about them. 

Yesterday we were having a blast at Clearwater Beach.  It was a beautiful night, the beach was packed with cars and people.  We finished dinner and decided to head home before they closed the beach to traffic.  On our way home we had to drive through a crowded area where people were gathering to watch the fireworks.  A big old Cadillac Escalade decides to make a u turn in the middle of the road and ran into the side of our car.


My husband is heartbroken that his beloved BMW was crunched.  What was interesting is that the other driver immediately tried to blame my husband, but when my husband called him out on his mistake, he accepted responsibility.  Isn’t that the way of the world today?  It’s always someone else’s fault.  Well, after the police arrived and reports were filled out, we all went on our way with a great deal of politeness all around.  

We will now navigate through insurance companies and repairs.  What a pain, but no one was hurt, and that’s the most important thing. 

Happy 4th of July….sort of.

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